I aim to meet the needs of my clients in a very wide variety of circumstances.

  • Evening and early morning appointments
  • Parent-friendly and shift-friendly hours
  • Both long- and short-term work
  • Rapid response to crisis situations
  • Mixed appointment types for those with intense work and travel schedules, e.g. Skype, different time lengths, etc
  • A sensitive, flexible service for those in the public eye
  • Strict confidentiality (there are exceptions, which I will discuss with you during your first session).

Issues frequently addressed:

  • Career development and vocational concerns
  • Work/life integration
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Family of origin work
  • Depression
  • Anger management


  • Sessions are generally 45 minutes, sometimes longer.
  • Payments (such as co-pays) are due at the time of service.  I am a preferred provider with most major insurance companies and will send in the claims on you’re behalf.
  • Please review your mental health benefits before the first session.
  • The fee will be adjusted should your economic circumstances change.

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